FDA-Approved CentraSight Telescopic Implants for Macular Degeneration

Dr. Sumit “Sam” Garg, cornea surgeon at UC Irvine Health’s Gavin Herbert Eye Institute successfully implanted a tiny telescope in a patient’s eye with end-stage macular degeneration (AMD). The first Orange County patient received a telescope implant late last year by fellow cornea surgeon Dr. Marjan Farid. The Gavin Herbert Eye Institute at UC Irvine is the only academic institution in Southern California currently implanting the mini telescope for end-stage AMD.

Smaller than a pea, the telescope implant uses micro-optical technology to magnify images which would normally be seen in one’s “straight ahead” or central, vision. The images are projected onto the healthy portion of the retina not affected by the disease, making it possible for patients to see or discern the central vision object of interest.

The CentraSight treatment program is generally coordinated by retina specialists who treat macular degeneration and other back-of-the-eye disorders. The treatment program focuses on comprehensive patient care, requiring prospective patients to undergo medical, visual, and functional evaluation to determine if they may be a good candidate. A unique aspect of the evaluation is the ability to simulate, prior to surgery, what a person may expect to see once the telescope is implanted to determine if the possible improvement will meet the patient’s expectations. Post-implantation, the patient will learn how to use their new vision in everyday activities by working with a low-vision therapy specialist.

Patients and physicians can find more information about the telescope implant and related treatment program at www.CentraSight.com or by calling 1-877-99SIGHT.

For more info:   http://www.marketwatch.com/story/the-gavin-herbert-eye-institute-at-uci-successfully-implants-fda-approved-centrasight-telescope-for-macular-degeneration-2012-06-25


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