Possible Treatment for Macular Degeneration

There is finally hope on the horizon for macular atrophy due to dry macular degeneration. A pharmaceutical group named Acucela is currently in clinical trials with a drug coined ACU-4429 which is designed to be taken daily to limit the atrophy associated with dry macular degeneration. The drug works by blocking an isomerase that converts Vitamin A, an integral part of macular function, into a functional form. The theory is that people with macular degeneration suffer from accelerated Vitamin A processing, leaving an excess of byproducts near the macula, which become toxic and then cause retinal cells to degenerate. By slowing down the Vitamin A processing, the byproducts are lessened and atrophy is prevented.

At this point the FDA has ‘Fast-tracked’ the medication and could potentially be available as soon as 2013.

For more info: http://www.hbreyecare.com/dry-macular-degeneration-drug/



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