Traveling with Low Vision

The following post is by Lauren Tappan:

       Recently I flew by myself to San Diego, California.  It is a daunting task for a low-vision traveler to fly alone.   As mobility is not an issue for me I had considered using the general travel cart that the  average traveler uses to get around an airport quickly.  My previous experience with this has not been good.  Usually the cart is not available when I get to the gate.  I try to make it on my own so as not to  miss my flight.  Usually I am in a panic and have to ask many strangers to make sure I am walking to the right terminal and gate.
         This time I ordered a wheelchair and this made all the difference.  When I arrived in Dallas, TX, I had to take a small airport train to the next terminal.  The train had a digital message board over the door  but no audio announcement of what terminal was available.  I could not read the digital sign.   If I hadn’t had  the wheelchair, I would have certainly missed my connecting flight.
         I found the people that handled the wheelchair   to be very helpful and kind.  The airline got me on the plane before the other passengers which allowed me the time      to make all the adjustments I needed easily.  Having the wheelchair took all the panic out of flying alone for me.  It  all went so smoothly, I will most certainly try it again.
          Hope this works for you.

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