NC threatens to close Gov Morehead School for the Blind

This post is by Lauren Tappan.

 The North Carolina Federation for the blind NFB convention happened this weekend. One of many issues that was discussed was the potential closing of the Governor Morehead school in Raleigh. There will be a public hearing on this question at the Governor Morehead school on September 28th. North Carolina has two residential schools for the deaf and one school for the blind. The two schools for the deaf are in Morganton and Wilson, NC. The Governor Morehead school opened in 1845 and is the first residential school for the blind. During this time period, they had two separate schools, a black school and a white school. Eventually these schools were desegregated. Governor Morehead school has a museum on the property that can give you more details on the history of this residential school for the blind.
    At this point the legislature has made a decision that one of the three residential schools will be closed as of June 2012. The position of NFB is that it is extremely important to maintain a residential program for blind students at Governor Morehead school. One of the issues is that several North Carolina counties are not able to mainstream their blind students and therefore have to send them to a residential program.
If you would like to have more information about this issue, contact Gary Ray in Asheville, NC at 828-505-0299 or 828-505-0338.

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  1. Jack Brown says:

    what colleges offer a good program for nutrition?
    also, how can you, us, tell a school has a good program for any major??


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