Wonderful Low Vision Library in Cape Cod

The following article is by Lauren Tappan:

 If anyone is traveling to Cape Cod this summer, you might consider stopping in at the Harwich Mass Brooks Free Library at 739 Main Street. Their phone number is (508) 430-7562. They have an area entitled “Vision Impaired Technology Assistance” at the library that is extraordinarily impressive.
Carla Burke is a paid staff member who has not only organized a weekly low vision support group, an impressive outlay of pamphlets and written resource material, but also has an incredible display of AT equipment. They have the SARA, a computer with ZoomText and Jaws, a CCTV, and a Kurzweil and a computer set up with the Guide program. They also have individuals that are volunteer readers as well as individuals that will provide AT assistance.
Along with all of this, they have an AT Loan Program which is called the Assistive Technology Exchange inNew England program. I believe they also have a KNFB reader for interested individuals. I was extremely impressed with the welcoming atmosphere and cooperation from the volunteers and staff.
    This is the first time that I have located a library that has this active and extensive amount of resources for individuals with low vision.

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