Donation available – Free Large Print Books

The Friends of the Library in Chapel Hill, NC have received a donation from Borders of all the books they didn’t sell.  Included in those 200 some boxes was one box contained a dozen copies of The Everything Large-Print Crosswork Dictionary.   We will try to sell them but our bulk buyer doesn’t handle them and it occured to me that you might know of someone who could make good use of them.  Borders sold them(or more acurately, didn’t sell them) for $16.00 each.

The Friends would be willing to donate them to a not-for-profit that could put them in the hands of people who can’t afford to buy them or to sell them to individuals for $2.00 each.  They are going for $11 on Amazon.   Any ideas you might have about how we can find people who might find them useful would be sincerely appreciated.

Interested parties can contact

Lauren Tappan  at

4 Responses to Donation available – Free Large Print Books

  1. Gail says:

    I am part of a mini center and need a dozen of these for the participants and others. Any chance of giving these extra books to this type of low “visioners”? will need to pick them up by Friday.


    • Lauren says:


      Yes I think something can be arranged for your low visioners group. It might be possible that we could deliver them to you if it’s too late for you to pick them up. The person to contact is Martha Bernstein who is the president of the Friends of the Chapel Hill Library. If you contact the Chapel Hill Library and ask to contact her, you can tell her that you heard from me about the large print dictionaries that they want to donate and make your arrangement with her. If this does not work out for you, contact me by email at and I can help facilitate the donation of these large print dictionaries. I hope this works and good luck to you.

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  3. patricia westberry says:

    I am an activity director in a small non profit nursing home I have saveral residents who would love to read but require large print reading material . If you could help us with some books it would be very appreciated

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