Macular Degeneration Association

April 19, 2011

The Macular Degeneration Association is a nonprofit health organization providing macular research, information and advocacy. MDA is an IRS recognized 501(c)3 organization and contributions are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

The mission of the organization is to cure macular degeneration and to improve the lives of all people affected by the disease.

To fulfill this mission, the MDA will fund research, publish scientific findings, provide funding for education, information and other services to people with macular degeneration, their families, healthcare professionals and the public. The foundation advocates for the increase in funding for scientific research and for the rights of people with macular degeneration.

The money raised by the foundation funds research,education, information programs and advocacy and awareness efforts that will support the over 9.1 million people with macular degeneration in communities across America.


April 19, 2011

Squidoo is an excellent website dedicated to the prevention of Macular Degeneration. It presents news, tips and medical info on Wet and Dry AMD.

Check it out and join.

Best Blogs for Following Stem Cell Research

April 17, 2011

Roxanne McAnn of the has called our attention to a recent article they published.

Stem cell research has been a contentious issue in both the scientific and political spheres for quite some years. Despite the ongoing battle between those who support and those who oppose the research and treatments, new discoveries and advances in the field are being made all the time. Whether you’re pursuing a career in medicine or science, or seeking recent info,  if you’d like to keep up with these advances, then blogs on the issue are one of the best tools out there. Here, you’ll find a collection of blogs that provide all the information you’ll need to stay on top of the latest in stem cell discoveries.

Go here for details:

Use “Search” box on each blog to find details on AMD, RP, Stargardt’s etc.