Verizon’s Samsung Haven Cell Phone

Samsung does it again.

Article by Maurie Hill of AI Squared. Selected by Lauren Tappan.

I recently had the opportunity to check out the Samsung Haven cell phone which is more conducive for someone who is blind or low vision.  This phone does not have Bluetooth, a camera, GPS, or the internet, so if that’s a deal breaker then it’s not the phone for you.  But even just little things make the Haven more blind and low vision friendly than the LG.  For example, there are voice commands for checking the time (“Say Time”) and battery level (“Check Battery”).  If you have an aging memory like me, you’ll like that when you flip it open, it tells you the time and the function of the major buttons, “left soft key Menu, right soft key Contacts”.

My 7-year-old daughter taught me how to text message on my LG but it’s pointless because I can only read incoming text messages by placing the phone under my CCTV, defeating the purpose of having a portable pocket phone.  But because the Haven speaks text messages aloud in addition to menus, alerts, and digits, all its features are fully functional for a person who is blind or low vision.


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