Kinect Game Controller for X-Box 360 aids the Visually Impaired

Kinect Used To Help the Visually Impaired
|  from the kitchen-sink-peripherals dept.
|  posted by Soulskill on Thursday March 24, @06:52 (Hardware Hacking)

Zothecula writes “The decidedly low tech white cane is still one of the
most commonly used tools to help the visually impaired get around without
bumping into things. Now, through their project called [0]NAVI
(Navigation Aids for the Visually Impaired), students at Germany’s
Universität Konstanz have leveraged the 3D imaging capabilities of
Microsoft’s Kinect camera to [1]detect objects that lie outside a cane’s
small radius and alert the wearer to the location of obstacles through
audio and vibro-tactile feedback.” In addition, Kinect is being used to “[2]manipulate
medical images during surgery without having to leave the operating room
and scrub back in,” and in [3]more artistic ways as well.

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