Direction-Finding Compass for Blind and Low Vision

It is not everyday you come across an outdoor/wilderness gadget for the handicapped by way of blindness and low vison. This is the #16B Braille compass made by Brunton for the blind and low vison folk to tell what direction they are headed and to tell what direction they may want to be going.

Yes, it is LOW tech, no batteries or solar panels to recharge. Sometimes the easiest methods are  the best methods. This can also be used at night if you find your self lost away from camp in the dark or caught by an earlier sunset than you thought would be upon you.

The metal dial is affected by steel/magnetic objects just like any compass dial would be. This thing is built like a tank. I have stepped on it, threw it in a paved parking lot and even had a Chevy Malibu drive over it. ZERO damage (minor scratches on the case).


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