Airline Travel for those with Low Vision

Lauren Tappan  posted this article from the AIsquared blog:

When it comes to air travel when you have a visual impairment, it’s not just about getting frisked in security and boarding a stuffy, crowded plane.  Airports present quite a few additional obstacles to passengers traveling with a visual impairment.  For someone who is totally blind and traveling with a seeing-eye dog, it is kind of obvious that they may need some assistance.  Those with low vision on the other hand, have to do a bit more asking, be more organized and get to the airport earlier than most – it’s no fun running to a gate and not being able to read the signs even though they can be quite large.

We thought it would be helpful to take a look at a few of the major airlines in the United States to see what accommodations and assistance they provide to travelers with low vision.



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