Low Vision Services in Cape Cod

This item is by Lauren Tappan:

Lauren and her husband Jay are enjoying a vacation traveling throughout the Cape Cod area. While on the Cape, she investigated the Sight Loss Services of Cape Cod.

Sight Loss Services Inc.
P.O. Box 414
81 School St.
West Dennis, MA 02670
(508) 394-3904
1-800-427-6842  (In Massachusetts Only)

Their Statement of Purpose:

SIGHT LOSS Services, Inc., Cape Cod and Islands is a non-profit, human service organization offering peer support, information and referral, education and awareness, outreach, and home independence training to people who are learning to cope and function safely and independently with the loss of sight.

Our programs are geared toward helping to reduce the fears and isolation caused by the onset of vision loss and toward helping to simplify the mechanics of daily living.

Based on a “peer support and self-help” philosophy, SIGHT LOSS Services aims to foster an individual’s sense of self worth and independence and to point the way for him/her to help others. Our programs include:

* Self Help Support Groups

* Adaptive Aids

* Information and Referral

* Education and Awareness

* Outreach and Independence Services

Our geographic region of focus is Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, and Nantucket. We have had inquiries from people all around the world.

In addition to the facilities at Sight Loss, the Eldridge Library in Chatham,Mass (Cape Cod) has two Clearview  CCTVs. As you may recall, Lauren volunteered to raise money and buy a CCTV for the Chapel Hill, NC library. They declined, saying they were not sure where in the library they would put it. Hmm! Storage triumphs over service.

For more info about Sight Loss Services:



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