Low Vision Blogs at The BAT Channel

The BAT Channel blog – The Blind Access Tech Channel – is more than just an outstanding source for Assistive Tech and General Tech news for the Vision Impaired. It has the most comprehensive list around of blogs and podcasts for the blind and the low vision community.

The list includes the expected major commercial sites, announcing their latest developments, such as AI Squared, Freedom Scientific, Daisy, Dolphin, Jaws and GW Micro.

It also lists some lesser known, but valuable, business sites like  Blind BargainsNextUpCodeFactoryLow Vision Resource Center,  and  Serotek.  These sites often include useful information and commentaries.

Best of all are the advisory blogs, chock full of tips, tutorials, comments, news and advice. These include  Blind ResourcesFred’s HeadNFBPlanet of the Blind,  The Assistive Tech Blog,  The Blind Geek,  the Portable Player Portal,   The Ranger Station,   the T&T Consultancy Ltd blog,  and the Top Tidbits for Thursday. Some of these include built-in spoken text.

There is a list of Podcasts of special interest, many with computer tech advice, some with assistive tech advice.

The only valuable site not listed is our own, The Low Vision Assistive Technology Users Group. I hope they will correct this oversight soon.



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