Glaucoma and Contact Lenses

From EyeSmart News

Most people with glaucoma can wear contact lenses without any difficulty, but when a person has had glaucoma-filtering surgery, wearing contact lenses may be difficult or not advisable. In standard glaucoma surgery, a water blister called a “bleb” often is present on top of the eye, underneath the upper eyelid. On occasion the bleb can make fitting a contact lens difficult, particularly a larger, extended-wear or soft lens. Also, there is always a risk of an eye infection following glaucoma surgery and contact lenses do increase the risk of developing an eye infection, particularly if lenses are not cared for properly, are left in the eye for longer than recommended or are extended wear lenses. If an infection developed on the surface of the eye, the filtering drain designed to relieve glaucoma pressure can allow germs to pass into the eye and cause a very serious infection that could lead to vision loss. If you have glaucoma and wear contact lenses or want to in the future, discuss this with your Eye M.D.


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