New Topical Eye Drop for the Treatment of Wet Macular Degeneration

Pazopanib, an investigational topical therapy for wet macular degeneration, shows positive beneficial results in clinical studies, Says Dr. Ilan Cohen, a New York City Ophthalmologist.

There are currently two drugs available for the treatment of Macular Degeneration: Lucentis, and Avastin. These drugs have been found effective both in preventing the progression of the disease and in improving overall visual acuity; however, both of these medications need to be injected into the eye with a needle every month, indefinitely, in order to prevent progression of the disease. In addition to the pain and the discomfort of receiving an injection into the eye each month, the patients are also exposed to the risk of a catastrophic eye infection due to a needle penetrating the eye. Moreover, the very high cost of the medication along with its administration by an Ophthalmologist can become a large burden on the healthcare budget and patients without insurance may not be able to afford it.

Pazopanib, on the other hand, can be administered as topical eye drops. The active molecule in Pazopanib works to prevent irregular blood vessels and subsequent bleeding under the macula. If this medication is proven effective in subsequent clinical studies and is approved by the FDA, patients with macular degeneration may be relieved of the nightmare of receiving monthly eye injections.


One Response to New Topical Eye Drop for the Treatment of Wet Macular Degeneration

  1. This is a pleasant news to hear. As elders shudder at monthly injections to the eye and its side effects, the process of bringing pazopanib eye drops for wet AMD to the clinics shall be made with incredible speed. I understand the dangers of introducing a drug without knowing its long term effects. But still, even phase 2 trials gives nearly sufficient knowledge of the medicine so that it can be approved conditionally for use on voluntary patients while concomitantly the trials may go on. Since it is a topical application day after day the patients can monitor its effect and stop it in case of any adverse reaction. Patients are most eagerly waiting for a simple painless treatment. As eyes are the most important organ without which there is absolutely nothing in the world for a living being but a wretched and dependent life filled with agony, waiting for death, such an approach can be wise

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