Winners Announced from AMD Alliance International Film Contest

More than 40 videos were submitted from every corner of the world to AMD Alliance International’s first global film competition aimed at raising awareness of the condition known as age-related macular degeneration, the leading cause of blindness in the western world for people over 50. AMD Alliance International (AMDAI) announced the winners of the contest today.

Awareness of AMD is critical to managing the disease. Although the disease will reach epidemic proportions as baby boomers age, is linked to depression, and can often be prevented or halted, research has shown that even among people most at risk, acquiring AMD is not viewed as a major concern. AMDAI’s film contest was aimed at educating the general public as well as those at high risk about this serious condition.

The winning video was an animated short film entitled “Eyes.” The video was submitted by Adam Mosher, 22, an undergraduate student at the University of Guelph, near Toronto, ON. In just 55 seconds, the video delivers key messages concerning the risk factors, effects and treatment options for AMD. Mosher will receive the $10,000 (US) grand prize and the video will be used in the future as part of AMDAI’s communications efforts.

The winning video can be seen on YouTube:

All of the videos entered in the contest can be viewed here:

“The videos accomplish the goal of illustrating, quite literally in many cases, what it is like to have AMD and what can be done about it,” said Allie Laban-Baker, Vice President, Global Communications, AMDAI. “We believe they are entertaining and engaging, while serving an important public health purpose—alerting people about this very serious disease.”


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