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LookTel Leverages Windows Mobile to Assist the Blind

Posted by Jason Dunn in “Windows Phone Software” @ 08:30 AM

“We’ve seen software and applications designed to assist visually impaired individuals in the past, but nothing’s been quite what we’re shown in this video. The LookTel software actually allows phones to recognize and audibly identify objects almost instantly.”

Technology is at its best when it enables us to do new things, and this is a great example of Windows Mobile enabling the blind to leverage technology to improve their daily lives. LookTel allows blind users to point a Windows Mobile device equipped with a camera at an object, and the optical character recognition built into the software will read the label on the container and speak it aloud. Custom labels can be made for containers without labels, and the software can be trained to recognize those labels. It’s a really neat system that demonstrates the power of technology to fill a need.

What is LookTel?

Image of LookTel recognizing moneyLookTel combines the power of a Smartphone with advanced “artificial vision” software to create a helpful electronic assistant for anyone who is visually impaired or blind. You can use LookTel to automatically scan and recognize objects such as money, packaged goods, CDs, DVDs, and medication bottles, as well as landmarks. Point the device video camera at what you wish to “see” and it will pronounce the name very quickly in clear and easy to understand speech. LookTel can be taught to recognize all the objects and landmarks you wish to identify. With a small amount of help from a sighted assistant one can easily teach LookTel to be your helpful assistant for many tasks where vision makes a difference in your independence. LookTel also incorporates a text reader allowing users to get access to print media.

Price to be determined.


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