Low Cost & Free Online Tools for Low Vision Assistance

www.underthesun.cc/Classics Visitors search for information to cite as research although it cannot be downloaded. The font can be changed in size or style to accommodate any visual impairment.

www.afb.org/accessworld American Foundation for the Blind offers this free Web publication, published every other month. Visitors can access current issues by clicking the issue date in the upper left corner or find back issues in the upper right corner of the screen.

www.freebsoft.org/projects Free downloads of software are available for vision impaired individuals. A website management tool is included.

www.wssb.org Washington State School for the Blind offers free downloads of educational software for teachers, parents, and students.

www.blindsoftware.com This site offers free trial demos of many programs. Funk in the Trunk is a free full-version download of a virtual car stereo, which teens will love.

www.gamesfortheblind.com Visitors can download free 15-day demos of gaming software such as blackjack, free cell, memory, and word plays. Each software product is available for sale at $20.00 or less.

www.low-vision.org/electronic-aids.html This site offers descriptions of software and hardware products available to aid people with low vision, including voice recognition software, scanning, and text-to-speech programs.

www.filesland.com/download/low-vision.html Visitors can download the Key2Speak program which reads anything typed on the keyboard. The cost is $19.95.

www.allaboutvision.com/lowvision/computers.htm Visitors will find descriptions of low-vision aids including magnifiers and voice recognition software.

www.freedomscientific.com This site offers a free demo of MAGic 9.0, a screen magnification program.

More info at http://www.ataccess.org/resources/lowcostnocost/lcncvision.html


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