Protect your eyes and night vision


Here is a tip for Mac users from

Staring at a computer screen for hours can be physically taxing. It’s especially rough on your eyes. It also completely ruins your night vision. Going from a screen to a dark room just doesn’t work.

If your eyes are feeling tired, try inverting the colors on screen. This is actually an accessibility option on your Mac. Just hit Ctrl + Alt + Cmd + 8. All colors are switched to their opposites. This can be easier on your eyes for a little while.

However, it doesn’t look great. Switching black and white works well. But color images look like strange, infrared versions of themselves. It’s not something you want to look at for long. So, use Nocturne instead.

It too inverts the colors on your screen. But it switches everything to shades of black and white. Or, you can change those colors. Make all the white areas red. Some shades of red can help preserve night vision in dark environments. Nocturne can even use a Macbook Pro’s built-in light sensor. So, it’ll switch to night mode automatically.

Cost: Free
System: Mac OS X


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