Stem Cell Treatments in Europe – Are They Real?

It’s hard to get a good grasp on the quality of stem cell treatments in the world. There are so many treatments centers which are frauds that picking out the one or two that my actually be practicing good medicine is difficult. The XCell Center based in Dusseldorf and Cologne, Germany seems like it just might be legitimate. Since August 2007 they claim to have treated more than 1600 patients, and to have obtained the first private license for stem cell treatments. If their claims are true, they would be one of the few places in the world where you can receive quality health care involving stem cells.

Autologous treatments (where adult stem cells are removed from the body, isolated, then re-inserted elsewhere in the body) have seen good results in major medical journals. By extracting adult stem cells from the bone marrow of the hip, XCell says that it can help cure a huge range of human degenerative diseases including: diabetes, stroke, MS, ALS, spinal injury, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, arthritis, heart damage, eye disease, neuropathy, incontinence, and autism. XCell’s success rate is supposedly 30/30/30. That is, roughly one third of patients will see no positive results, one third will see moderate results, and one third will see excellent results.

As stem cell treatments move out of the research lab and into the clinic, the possibilities of receiving legitimate cures are rising. They may be here already. But be cautious.



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