Easier Scrolling for Magnified Text

AIsquared, makers of ZoomText, asked for suggestions on how to simplify scrolling in ZoomText. Here are the results.

Tips for less scrolling

• Use 2 monitors and enable ZoomText’s dual monitor support

• Use the AppReader feature in ZoomText

• Use the DocReader feature in ZoomText

• Download the add-on for Internet Explorer called CleanPage which eliminates ads and fits the

text on the screen: http://www.readonweb.com

• Purchase a larger screen

• Reduce the magnification level even if it means leaning in a bit closer to the screen

• Increase your screen resolution

• Switch to overlay mode which requires less movement

• Size separate windows and panes so that they are perfect for your desired magnification

• Print a document out instead

Tips to make scrolling easier

• Alt+arrow key instead of moving the mouse back and forth, alleviating hand and wrist ache

• Use the middle mouse button to scroll instead of moving the mouse back and forth

• Purchase a trackball mouse which is easier for scrolling


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