Course on Rehabilatative Eye Care Offered by OLLI at Duke Univ.

Low Vision is a problem that affects the whole family. If your spouse or parent are losing their vision, it will affect everyone. We all will need to learn what can be done.

Low Vision Care is not a surgical procedure or medicinal treatment, but rather a rehabilitative program to teach you new strategies to maximize your remaining vision.

There are a myriad of resources to help you live independently and productively. The world of assistive technology is filled with excellent commercial products that can help you to see better and read again. But the abundance of alternatives requires guidance in making a choice. In addition, the commercial products are often very expensive.

On the other hand, there are often inexpensive, even free, alternatives, if you could only find the good ones. First, you need to know what is available. Then how well do they work. And finally what do the alternatives cost.

To help you solve this problem, OLLI at Duke University is offering a course entitled “New Glasses for Old Eyes.”

Registration is NOW through Aug. 18, 2009. Call Mary Edwards at 681  –  3476 for more info. Classes start Sept. 14.


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