Low Vision Tips

Here are some tips from Vision Technology.

Many normal, age-related low vision conditions can be addressed with simple practical solutions, such as additional lighting for reading newspapers or tinkering with cooking dinner.

You may find you need additional lighting for most tasks performed indoors. This is because your eye’s pupil no longer opens as widely as it once did to allow light to enter. Because less light is reaching your retina where vision processing occurs, images are no longer as sharp as they once were.

To help correct this problem, please consider steps such as:

• Installing task lighting underneath kitchen cabinets or above stoves to help illuminate darker corners.
• Making sure you have enough lighting to brighten work surfaces in your garage, sewing room, or other areas where you need to see fine details.
• Asking your employer to install additional lighting, if needed, at your work space.

The advice of a low vision optometrist or an assistive technology specialist is often valuable, but it is the person with the disability who ultimately chooses to use the magnifier or let it gather dust. With this fact in mind, the person who will actually use the magnifier should always be the primary decision maker in the selection and purchase of a video magnifier.

Someone who is considering buying a video magnifier but who lacks experience actually using one may feel unsure which of the many video magnifier types and features would be best, or even whether a video magnifier is better than other options. What can the potential buyer do to make the right decision?

Many will find it helpful to consult a low vision optometrist or assistive technology specialist before making a decision. Both can provide information and advice regarding the full range of available options for people with low vision, which may include speech output and braille as well as lenses and electronic magnifiers.

Remember to get an education in AT before you buy. Then get training in that device after you buy, preferably from a trained Rehabilitation Therapist.



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