Johns Hopkins Publishes Several Low Vision White Papers.

Herb Halbrecht sends us this news.

The Johns Hopkins Clinic has published sevral white papers on Low Vision and its Rehabilitation. Some are inexpensive, such as their comprehensive Vision 2009. It costs $20. Preview it now, and you’ll discover:

What Vitamin may lower your risk of developing cataracts (page 5)
Medications that may cause or worsen dry eye (page 9)
What to expect after cataract surgery. Tips to ease your recovery (page 14)
Glaucoma and your genes. Researchers uncover new genetic causes of glaucoma—what does it mean for you? (page 20)
Vision-friendly foods: More evidence that what you eat could impact your eyesight (page 38)
Looking to the future: four potential treatments for AMD. Get a peek into the drug development pipeline. (page 44)

The 2009 Johns Hopkins White Paper: Vision is designed to help you ensure the best outcome.

Several white papers are free, covering such topics as:

  • Glaucoma: A Family Matter
  • How the Eye Works
  • Learning More About Antioxidants and Age-Related Macular Degeneration
  • Herpes Virus, Shingles and Vision Loss
  • Artificial Vision thru Artificial Retinas — New frontiers in sight
  • Cornea Thickness — A Risk Factor for Glaucoma
  • Dealing with a Detached Retina
  • Deciding Whether To Have Cataract Surgery


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