Low Vision Magazines and Newsletters

Dialogue Magazine This is a subscription magazine with some sample articles available online. Blind Skills Incorporated out of Salem, Oregon, publishes a magazine every two months entitled Dialogue (A World of Ideas for Visually Impaired People of All Ages). However, you can receive this magazine from the Library for the Blind, or contact Blind Skills at 800-860-4224 or 503-581-4224. This magazine receives submissions from people with low vision on topics such as, “Living with Low-Vision”, “Learning Braille the Hard Way”, “Achieve Self-Empowerment through Martial Arts”, “Technology AT Answer Book”. This month’s column discusses new releases of Screen Readers. Another column is entitled “Portable CCTV Offers New Features and Convenience”. There are special feature articles on personal stories. There’s also a section on obstacles and opportunities. Also a section on what’s new and where to get it and of course editorials and editor’s welcome. I strongly recommend looking at this magazine and possibly making a submission. This is a great resource for people with low-vision.


VISION ACCESS is a magazine by, for, and about people with low vision. VISION ACCESS is published quarterly in four formats (large print, cassette, onlien or e-mail) by the Council of Citizens with Low Vision International (CCLVI), a not-for-profit affiliate of the American Council of the Blind. There are over 20 issues archived on the Internet.


The Low Vision Center of Indiana Newsletter is an online newsletter bringing you news on new developments and useful info.


The San Antonio Low Vision Club publishes a quarterly newsletter for its members.  The newsletter is called “Low Viz Biz”.  They make each newsletter available here on their web site and keep an archive of past issues for your reference.


Lighthouse International Newsletter announces national and New York oriented developments. Free subscription.


The EyePower Newsletter is published quarterly by the Low Vision Center.  Recent issues are available here in both text (HTML) format and Portable Document Format (PDF). It is amongst the most informative nationally.


I hope these prove to be useful to you. Lauren Tappan


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