Telescopic Lenses Can Help Vision Loss From Macular Degeneration

A miniature telescope mounted into a spectacle lens can now help people with vision loss from macular degeneration. The device, which is about the size of a pencil eraser, can improve vision by about three and a half lines on an eye chart.

“This is one of the few options for people with macular degeneration” says Dr. Edward Paul, a low vision optometrist in Wilmington, North Carolina. A telescope surgically implanted directly into the eye is expected to be approved by the FDA later this year, however the “spectacle” mounted telescope is available now without the safety concerns associated with a surgical procedure.

As a way of limiting the time, expense and disappointment of people who probably can not be helped by telescopic glasses, Dr. Paul has determined that asking the right questions on the phone can determine if a patient is qualified. Dr. Paul offers a free telephone interview to discuss your particular needs. To schedule a telephone interview with Dr. Paul, call 910-256-6364. Dr. Paul’s office is located in Wilmington, NC.

Additional information on telescopic glasses and Dr. Paul’s research is available at


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