The New Kindle

Amazon/Kindle has produced another version of the Kindle/reading machine.  In this version you can hold a screen in your hands about the size of a large book.  Supposedly the new Kindle can read to you.  They advertise that large print type is available but the type is not large or adjustable.  The menu text size is still very small and unreadable which means that people with low-vision would not be able to navigate through their system unless they can put the Kindle on a CCTV and read the menus with another AT device. Once you are aware of Zoom Text or Macintosh features for people with low-vision the Kindles attempts seem rather backward.

The Kindle again is a big bust.  It looks like the Sara is still the best stand alone reading machine available so far. Also, check out Open Book for  downloading scanned books onto your computer.

When will the Kindle product managers ever ask us “consumers” what works for us and what do we want.  I think Amazon/Kindle is missing a big part of the reading market.

Lauren Tappan


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